Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NFL Week 9: Standings and Analysis

I can't remember the last time I cut into Noce's lead. In fact last week, I fell behind by another game, putting me back 7 now. Fuck you Cincinnati. I'm picking against you every week. Unless you're playing the Jets. Then I can't. But otherwise, fuck you. We head into the second half of the season, and while we could hand out 1st half awards, I'll leave to SI.com's Don Banks as I pretty much agree with everything he goes with in the article. Let's take a look at the standings, and get on with week 9 analysis:


NOCE: 87-41
DR. C: 80-48

Individual Performance of the Week: This goes without needing mention. It's Purple Jeezy all the way.

Most Impressive Team: This goes without needing mention also. It's the team that's going jam Don Shula's asterisk up his ass.

Least Impressive Team: When you lose to Atlanta, that's really bad. San Francisco started out 2-0, and haven't won a game since. Alex Smith could possibly worse then Rex Grossman, and Frank Gore is a fantasy terrorist for blowing up my team and leaving them wayside. This team seriously sucks, and I don't see how it could be possibly getting any better anytime soon. You can put the Bay Area up along with Chicago for having a shitty 2007 sports year.

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