Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day NFL Picks

Since this week marks the beginning of Thursday games, picks will have to come a little earlier than usual. I was going to pick every NFL game this week but I took the day off work and ended up playing Guitar Hero III all day, my wrist hurts more than Shaq's ex-wife's vag after sex. So I'll do the Thursday games now and the rest tomorrow after I've eaten my weight in stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving everyone - even you Native Americans out there!

Green Bay @ Detroit: Detroit has lost the last three games on Thanksgiving Day and will lose another one to Brett Favre and his band of fudge Packers. God I hate the Packers - how the hell are they good? 31-27 Packers

NY Jets @ Dallas: The Jets had seven sacks in last week's game against Pittsburgh, which is pretty amazing because before that game they had nine in nine games. If the Jets can get after Tony Romo they'll be better off, but something tells me they might be better off leaving Romo in the pocket - he seems to be better when he has to scramble. 38-13 Cowboys

Indianapolis @ Atlanta: This is the first game that will air on the NFL Network this season so fans in Indy and Hot-Lanta will sure to be pissed off because premium cable aint cheap. This game won't be worth watching though because the Falcons wouldn't even be going to a BCS Bowl this year and Indy suddenly looks a lot less exciting. 30-10 Colts

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