Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hey Honey...ummm...How's Work Going?

You can always count on some great stories from Reuter's Oddly Enough page. In today's "Are you fucking serious?" news, a Polish man went to visit a brothel recently only to discover his wife was on shift there. After picking a fat Slovenian woman named Renata to screw, he confronted her about the situation. Apparently she told him she was making extra money on the side at a grocery store (paper or plastic?). After 14 years of marriage, the couple is now getting divorced.

Leave it to the Polocks to pull this genius of infidelity. Here's my interpretation of how the conversation went down:

Husband: What the fuck are you doing here?
Wife: What the fuck ARE YOU doing here?

H: Umm...I came here to...I thought you were working at a fucking store, not a store that provides fucking?!
W: So now it's my fault? If you hadn't been spending all our money on whores we wouldn't be in the predicament!

H: (Sigh) you remember to pick up my dry cleaning?
W: Yeah, it's in the back seat next to my bag of rubber fists.

H: Well, I've gotta Cincinnati Bowtie to lay on Renata..see you at home.
W: You never give me those anymore...I wanna divorce.

On some related material, this actually pretty funny..assuming it's real.

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Noce said...

just so you know i took that "owned" and the arrow as a slavery joke about the baby...well done.