Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thoughts on Pippen's Comments

"It's his shot selection. You take those bad shots, you're sitting down. He's out there shooting for a contract. Offensively, they can be as good as last year. But their shot selection is horrible. [Luol] Deng also is playing for a contract. There's no flow to their game."

- Scottie Pippen on December 30, 2007

Pippen then proceeded to, in all his infinite basketball wisdom, take the floor for the Helsinki ToPo for two games against the Honka Playboys and Porvoon Tarmo and went 2 for 16 from beyond the arc. Overall, Pippen shot an anemic 29% in the two games, averaging 10.5 points and 8 rebounds in 26 minutes.

Talk about poor shot selection. How can you possibly justify your comments toward Gordon and Deng and go and jack up threes all night against a bunch of Scandanavians? What the hell are you even doing playing basketball still anyways Scottie? Most people move on to tennis or golf after a long career in professional sports, you've decided to visit a place that (how the fuck do you really make fun of Finland?) [insert joke here].

"I'd sit down with him and say, 'Show me you're a winner and play like it. Not with those crazy antics. Make your hustle work in a positive way.' He's turning into Rasheed Wallace with the kinds of things he does on floor. It makes the officials turn on the whole team. And you stop getting calls. Don't shoot those ill-advised shots. Don't look to get bailed out by the refs."

-Scottie Pippen on Andres Nocioni

First of all nobody sits down with Noce. They either take a charge from him or get lost in his locks of amazing Argentine hair. Noce has been the ONLY player this season on the Bulls who can honestly say he's gave his all. Turning into Rasheed Wallace? What the fuck does that even mean Scottie? Seriously how much weed did you smoke before coming up with that gem of knowledge?

The Bulls would be ten games better if they had Rasheed Wallace on this team. And another comment about ill-advised shots from 'Scottie too Hottie'. Someone should tell him that Noce is leading the Bulls in adjusted field goal percentage at .490, something I'm sure Pippen has no clue whatsoever of even what that is.

Side note: ^ AFG%: Adjusted Field Goal Percentage = [(PTS - FTM)/FGA]/2
AFG% measures shooting efficiency by taking into account the total points a player produces through his field goal attempts. The intention of this adjustment is largely to evaluate the impact of three-point shooting. For example, if Shaquille O'Neal has 3-5 FG, all two-point shots for 6 points, then his AFG% = [(6/5)]/2 = .600. Meanwhile, if Ray Allen is 2-5 FG, but his 2 FGM are both three-pointers for 6 points, then his AFG% = [(6/5)]/2 = .600

It would be best for the Bulls and for Pippen if Scottie disappeared back to whatever Las Vegas nightclub he emerged from before all this retarded speculation about him becoming the next head coach. Pippen would be the absolute WORST person to coach this team, has no experience coaching whatsoever, and is obviously about as smart as the offspring of Elijah Dukes and Tila Tequila.

Leave the basketball comments to people who know what they're talking about Scottie, enjoy the weather over in Scandanavia and try not to confuse snow from blow.

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