Monday, January 14, 2008

Rock Of Love Season 2 First Episode

I would have to say Rock of Love is one of few shows I'll actually watch. Some other sites such as the Big Lead champions Friday Night Lights, but I'm never watching tv on Friday nights unless I'm at a bar, which I can't hear anyways. Anywho, Here's a look at the broads. I thought about describing all of them, but fuck it. Were only one show in and we only got to see a little bit of them. To be honest, I dont think alot of these girls are hot. Meagan is, Kristy Joe is. There's a chick in the back right corner of picture that looks good, but I'm not sure what her name is. Outside of that, I'll give them a C-.

Destiney (Immediate left of Brett): A bisexual with an annoying laugh. She's hot, I'd give her an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. I see her making it half through the show before Brett tosses her.

Daisy (left of Destiney) Nice body, fucked up face. Or in other words, Samantha with confidence and without gap teeth. She'll make it to the last 5.

Meagan(standing behind Destiney): I think she's the best looking one of the group. I would be willing to bet she's in the top 3 at the end if not two.

Kristy Joe (2nd row, right next to Brett) Definitely hot, but the fuck is up with her germophobe shit? I would find that annoying after having to deal with for a while. The clips show her getting pissed off later on so she'll be in for a while.

Angelique (below, looks like Madonna with a dick circa 1990 on PCP): Easily the dumbest fuckbag of them all. She's seems like she's batshit crazy. Nice tits, terrible face. She'll be gone pretty fast.

Catherine (would you like some more Manwich for your Sloppy Joes?)I can't believe he chose her to stay. She's disgusting. Someone should mop the floors with Cousin It's hair.


Noce said...

Bret's doing an amazing "blue steel" in that picture. It's sad he's probably the most attractive girl this season.

aa said...

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