Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Got What You Didn't Pay For

Some people are cheaper than others when it comes to certain things. We've all heard about Lions receiver Roy Williams not tipping the Pizza man when he comes knocking at the door. We all have someone in our families like Uncle Frank from Home Alone:

"Traveler's checks"...what a piece of shit. Anyways, you can file this one right at the top of the tightass ranks. According to the Chicago Tribune, a 61-year old woman was found in her Michigan City, IN home dead. She was found underneath her covers with a hat on and several layers of clothing...because she refused to turn the fucking heat on. Talk about fucking pathetic. Deputy Coroner Mark Huffman said Stella Chambers died as a result of hypothermia from exposure to the bitter cold inside the home. Some of the windows inside the residence were iced over, and the water in the toilet was frozen solid, police said.

We've got 45,000 Africans dying a month in the Congo, and in America we get one dumb old penny-pinching bitch who wanted to save her 20 dollars a month to go buy more tubes of Fixodent. HOW GOOD IS ALL THE MONEY YOU SAVED NOW, GRANDMA?! Dummy.


Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

Yes, well you may say what you want...some people are beyond the point of frugal...

However, many of these people remember a time when the economy and life itself were really tough - times a younger generation cannot connect with...

Please do not cast aspersions upon someone you do not know. My sister lived next door to this woman, and she was a good-ol fashioned fal with no-nonsense upright standards that would make anyone proud!

In her mind, she was just doing her best at "living life," and making things work. God bless her soul, and I am glad she is in a better place.


Dave S.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure she was nice old lady. Please keep in mind that we post in jest, purely. But come on, not turning the heat on at all? I can understand if you want to run it 60to save money, but that's rediculous. I'm sure she's enjoying heaven while pitter away in purgatory for a couple millenia.

aa said...

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