Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new record time for racist accusations on ESPN!

In a stunning event of extreme douchebaggery, someone was accused of racism in the ESPN Comments today after only 1 post!

The commenter, "stevemahalick", obviously an intelligent man, voiced his opinion about the $100,000 bounty on Willingham's head is "rediculous" (nice spelling cockbag) and "obviously racist". It's amazing how one comment about race can turn a debate about a coach's talent level to an analysis about 200 years of history that has nothing to do with anything remotely to the original story.

I hate to say I told you so, but I never thought I'd be able to explain my point in such a clear and hilarious example this quickly. Scroll down and enjoy reading some of these assholes' comments, I promise you it will make you feel better about your own lives.

Comments (1-18)
KansasJoeHawks (1 minute ago) Why can't someone just be bad at their job? "It's because of his race", "It because of money", bla bla bla. Heads up people, money runs the world, and winning=$ no matter what level. Lets take some responsibility for our own actions.

NJPlayer79 (1 minute ago) Well said Stan - I can't comment on the race card with the UW situation, but it DEFINITELY applied at Notre Dame...That's serious.

ryan425353 (1 minute ago) The guy probably is a racist, even if not he is going to be viewed as one. Mosty likely some inhospitable old fart who knows noting about the current state of college football. This guy was good enough for Notre Dame and then was fired before the year he would've had his best team so Charlie WEis could come in and embarass ND. I mean UW is not USC, who does this guy want? Pete Carroll? Seems more like he would settle for any white coach over Willingham. $100,000 is not that much for a major university anyway. Big deal, 3 full boats paid for a year. They have to give this Ty some time.

NJPlayer79 (3 minutes ago) Because slawson, if he does that then he doesn't get the weightlifting room named after him :)

Stan the Afghan (3 minutes ago) BVpanther, the race card should have been out the moment Willingham was fired at ND! The race card should have been thrown again after Weiss wasn't fired after this season! Willingham is the closest big time college football has come to Tony Dungy (pre-Sylvester Croom). Willingham's goal is to win a championship, but his primary goal is to develop young men into exceptional citizens. I'd take a dismal record on the field and a superb record of student athlete citizenship any day. The guys that Willingham brings into the program are far less likely to break into your house or steal your CD player out of your car than the ones that would, generally speaking, boost your on-field winning. How can you fault that?

slawson79 (3 minutes ago) Ok why not just give money to the place that gave you the ability to have the funds to donate 100K in the first place. Im sure your life is dependent on the out come of football.... Why dont you do the right thing and give a schlorship to law students who are deserving but cant afford it.

NJPlayer79 (5 minutes ago) The other thing is that take race out of it, the whole "booster" system is out of control in college football. Why should a Lawyer who graduated in 1966 have ANY say in what happens in the football program?

Extramice (5 minutes ago) Previous to 1 season before Willingham's arrival at Washington, the UW had 30 straight non-losing seasons averaging 8-9 wins a year. Keith Gilbertson went 1-10, since then Tyrone Willingham has come in and finished 10th, 9th, and 10th in the Pac-10. In the previous 30 years, Washington finished out of the top 3 in the Pac-10 maybe 5 times. This kind of thing has nothing to do with Ty as a person and everything to do with his inability to produce a winner at the UW.

NJPlayer79 (6 minutes ago)bvpanther - I hate when the race card is played, but you know what, Willingham was on a much shorter leash because of his race. Look at what Weis did this past year...And he's coming back?

jangelish (6 minutes ago) is the ad african american?

disme33 (6 minutes ago) Ty does everything perfect Sunday- Friday.. On Saturdays its another thing. He still lives off his legacy from Stanford.. but when he was at Stanford USC wasn't even a fraction of what it is today. The Pac 10 is much stronger now than it was when old Ty was at Stanford...

tjb_vb (7 minutes ago) bvpanther - Are you kidding me??? It has to be race!!! It cant be his record at ND or his record at Wash!!!! It obviously cant be his recruiting ability or his overall record at Stanford either!!

jman_89 (8 minutes ago)Maybe if he WON FOOTBALL GAMES he wouldn't be so disliked...a .499 career record is pathetic.

RedSoxseason2001 (10 minutes ago) The sad thing is you'll probably read something on here in a week saying "Tyrone Willingham fired from Washington" and they'll make up some bogus story to get rid of him and not pay him anything. NCAA Football breads corruption within these schools. It's pathetic...

icm310 (10 minutes ago) I've never seen a nice guy like Willingham get hated on so hard by so many people in college sports. Its' ridiculous..

bvpanther (10 minutes ago) Two posts and the race card is out. Nice. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, the dismal record was the motivation.

stevemahalick (12 minutes ago) absolutely rediculous...this guy must be a racist or something.

NJPlayer79 (12 minutes ago) This is why college football sucks - people that have no idea about the sport get what they want based on money. The pushed Willingham out at ND too, and that's worked out REALLY well...

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