Friday, January 18, 2008

JamesOn Curry, Not A Fan of Boise, Idaho

Ah, Boise. The City of Trees. German settlers came here in the 1820's, and named it Boise; which of course in German means a Whale's vagina. While Boise is a city on the up and up ((Hottest cities for entrepreneurs (midsize cities): # 9, 2007)), there is a certain Bulls second round draft pick who displayed his displeasure with the capital of Idaho by pissing on it last night.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that JamesOn Curry was arrested at 2:25am early Thursday morning after urinating in public and resisting arrest. Curry is no stranger to bars (both behind them and in them); in 2004 he was arrested for selling Marijuana to an undercover cop while at Oklahoma State (nice one, dipshit).

According to the police report, JamesOn apparently thought they were playing freeze tag as he tried to escape into the hotel while being chased, and if he made it back in he'd be in the "safe zone". (again, nice one, dipshit).

From a personal standpoint, I've never liked him after he torched my beloved Salukis in the second round of the 2005 NCAA tournament. It's kinda funny that I was really pissed off after the game; now James"PissedOnBoise" Curry is now getting his. Karma, my friends, karma.

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