Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stick a fork in 'em

See that picture? Wondering who it is? I'll give you a hint, it's not Heath Ledger. It's the 2007-2008 Season for the Chicago Bulls, figuratively that is. The team that was everyone's favorite to not only win the Central Division, but the entire Eastern Conference is officially buttfucked now that Luol Deng is apparently going to be 'shelfed' for a 'significant amount of time'.

I wonder what is hurting Luol more, his achilles or his ego? This is a very McGrady-like move and not one I would expect from a player who had been all about the good of the team until this season. Maybe you should have taken the $57.5 MILLION that the Bulls were offering before the season started, Luol.

It's obvious to anyone who has watched him play this year that his mind has not been focused on basketball. Against the Grizzlies on Monday, Deng played his worst to date; taking bad, off-balanced shots on offense and falling asleep on defense. Where's the potential All Star that was supposed to come into his own this year and help lead this team?

And don't even start blaming this all on Scott Skiles. All he did was take a team that was 4-12 after 16 games in 2003-2004 and turn them into a 47-win team in 2004-2005. Skiles did the best with what he had to work with.

I'm sure he had plenty of low-post plays that would have worked very well but who's going to fucking execute them? Aaron Gray? Gray may be a suprise talent but lets face it, he's too slow to get back on defense and is not nearly what LaMarcus Aldridge could have been for the Bulls. I think it's safe to say the Tyrus Thomas experiment is a bust. Again, he's a good young talent, but beyond dunks and the occasional block, what good is he?

I'm sick of looking at the lineup the Bulls have on the court and immediately counting out two players because they possess zero offensive skills. That's exactly what happens when Ben Wallace and Thabo Sephalosha are out there. You just cannot count on them to score. Thabo has shown signs that he can put the ball in the hoop, but he is prone to turnovers and that just doesn't help when you have Ben Gordon chucking up shit from anywhere he can't get blocked and Kirk Hinrich looking to dribble like he's on a fucking AndOne Mix tape.

And why is it that Hinrich hasn't figured out that Ben Wallace can't do shit when given the ball? He's the only one who still consistently passes to Wallace, and it's not even when he has an open shot. Anyone who give the ball to Wallace when he is further than three feet from the hoop should be benched. If they run out of people, bring someone in from the fucking stands who can figure out that he is a complete fucking idiot on offense and should never be passed to.

Fuck this season. Fuck John Paxson and his "eye for talent". Fuck Ben Wallace for taking a huge shit on this season. Fuck Kirk Hinrich. Fuck everyone but Andres Nocioni and Joe Smith - they're the only two players this year who have shown up and earned the money they have been paid. So help me God, if Paxson fucking trades Noce, I will take a shit on the United Center. I'll bend down, spread my cheeks, and drop a turd on the fucking sidewalk.

It was all supposed to be so good this year. Now there's nothing left to do but watch these assholes and become even more angry.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I couldn't agree with you more. Every time I turn on a game, Gordon is driving into defenders and throwing the ball away... Hinrich is fouling or passing to the other team. It's pathetic.

I was going to say it's 'too early' for the heath ledger joke, but it's taken too seriously in the news. it's a joke to me, kind of like when the crocodile hunter died.

aa said...

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