Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Z Sings a Different Tune...

My, my what a difference 24 hours makes...and of a course a lovely chat John McDonough and one very pissed off Jim Hendry. After putting Cubs fans on blast for doing what they do best (mainly bitch and complain, but certainly entitled to considering the month of August), El Gato Loco could do nothing put sing the praises of the Wrigley faithful...
"This comes from my heart. I love these fans. I love the Cubs fans. I think they're the greatest fans in baseball, and you know, they have the right to boo people or to do whatever they have to do because they've been waiting 99 years [for a World Series championship] and sometimes we don't do a good job and they get frustrated too."
Sure it is, big Z...sure it is. Believe me, no one is putting any stock into what you're saying, Carlos. Let's paraphase Carlos' last paragraph:
"This comes from my wallet. I hate these fans. All they do is boo Carlos Zambrano when Carlos have a hard time throwing ball. Carlos no see them breaking bats at home plate or pointing to skull after pop-up. These fools haven't won in forever, and they think it's Carlos Zambrano's fault."
When you're making 91.5 million dollars and turn around and reward your employer with an 0-5 record and an era higher then Nicole Ricthie on a Saturday night, you have no place to point that finger of yours but to yourself. So start focusing on painting the corner instead painting yourself as the victim...and while you're at it, you can wipe your eyes with a couple hundreds.

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