Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Peavy for Cy Young, His Liver for Cirrhosis

I have to be honest, I went into this post with the intentions of glorifying the numbers Aaron Harang has put up this year on a team that is 13 games below .500, and that he should be getting a serious look from voters for the N.L. Cy Young award even though Peavy clearly deserves it. Shame on me. Call me whatever name puts a smile on your face. All I was saying is that he should receive some mention...anyways, after doing some stat research, I had no idea how bad San Diego's offense sucks, and I'm assuming most of U.S. outside of N.L. West followers do either.

Here's a statistical breakdown of how brutal the Padre's bats are:

Runs Scored: 24th
Hits: 28th (although 12th in 2B and 14th in 3B thanks to Petco)
HR: 18th
RBI: 25th
SO: 4th
SB: 27th
OBP: 27th
AVG: 27th

In contrast, here's the Reds' numbers:

Runs Scored: 10th
Hits: 13th
HR: 3rd
RBI: 12th
SO: 13th
SB: 14th
OBP: T-11th
AVG: 15th

As you can see, the Reds are better in every category, which is when I completely threw the brakes on what I was doing. My hat is off to Peavy; I can't think anyone I've ever watch pitch who has more movement on their 2-seamer. Maddux is pretty close, but nowhere near the velocity. Here's how the two pitchers stack up against each other. Good year Harang, but you have nothing on Mr. Jagermeister. Now go get him another bottle.

Jake Peavy: 18-6, 2.39, 225 K's, 203 IP, 0 CG, 0 SHO, 151 H, 10 HR, 61 BB
Aaron Harang: 16-4, 3.61, 198 K's, 216.2 IP, 2 CG, 1 SHO, 194 H, 25 HR, 51 BB

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