Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL Week 2 Predictions

With the loss of Dusty Dvoracek and, more importantly Mike Brown, as far as I'm concerned the Bears' season starts now. Thank Christ that the Bears are playing the Kansas "Shitty" Chiefs this week - Benson/Grossman now is the time to get your heads out of each others asses. Onto the picks...

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh: As a Buffalo native I still have some home town sympathy for the Bills. I'm looking for a strong showing from the Bills in support of teammate Kevin Everett. The Steelers enter as a 10-point favorite but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Bills are going to pull this one out. 24-20 Bills

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland: The Bengals shocked the Ravens with a Monday Night victory and they should be riding high into Cleveland (is that ever possible?). This one should be a cakewalk for Carson and I'm hoping my boy T.J Houshmanzadeh scores at least two touchdowns. 31-7 Bengals

Indianapolis vs. Tennessee: I really want to pick this one as my Upset Special but I just can't trust Peyton Manning to cooperate. He's just too damn good and the Tennessee defense really scares me. 31-21 Colts

Houston vs. Carolina: I'm on the Carolina Panther bandwagon this year - they're a damn good team. I don't think Houston will be able to move the ball as successfully against Carolina as they did last week against Cleveland either. Panthers 17-10

San Francisco vs. St. Louis: If the Rams can figure out a way to stop Frank Gore from running all over them I think they have a good chance to topple the 49ers. The loss of Orlando Pace is going to limit the Rams offensively but I think they'll rally around their home crowd and edge this one out. 24-20 Rams

Green Bay vs. New York Giants: I hate to admit it, but the Packers looked pretty damn good in Week 1. Without Eli the Giants are going to be forced to rely on Jared Lorenzen, which should be pretty damn funny to watch. 21-7 Packers

Atlanta vs. Jacksonville: The Falcons have always been a great rushing team. Granted, a lot had to do with Mike Vick, but I like Jerious Norwood to run all over the porous Jaguar defense. 21-14 Falcons

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers should be landing in Tampa Bay right about now on their way back from Seattle. I'm thinking the jet lag is going to be a bit of a problem against the Saints' high-powered offense in this one. 20-3 Saints

Minnesota vs. Detroit: This will be the first real test for both Minnesota and Detroit, as their Week 1 opponents were Atlanta and Oakland, respectively. I want to pick the Vikings but I really don't think Tarvaris Jackson scares Detroit into doing anything other than putting 8 guys in the box against rookie Adrian Peterson. 20-14 Lions

Dallas vs. Miami: Tony Romo singlehandedly kicked my fantasy team's ass in Week 1. I'm not making the mistake of betting against him again - even if he has to deal with Jason Taylor. 27-12 Cowboys

Seattle vs. Arizona: If I were in the Arizona front office I would make sure any home games before October were scheduled for 1pm - you're in the fucking desert for Christ sake! I'm looking for a big day from Edge here on the ground and through the pass. 28-21 Cardinals

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens: The good news is Ray Lewis' tricep is still attached to his arm. The bad news is...well there is no real bad news - you're playing the Jets and they suck. Thomas Jones is going to feel a lot worse than he already does after getting gang raped by Ray Lewis and Co. 17-7 Ravens

Oakland vs. Denver: I have a feeling this might be closer than most people think but Denver is pretty damn good at home. 20-10 Broncos

Kansas City vs. Chicago: As I said before - the Chiefs really blow. The Bears, however, do not and they better fucking prove that on Sunday and win by at least 20. 28-0 Bears

San Diego vs. New England: I was going to go all "Spygate" on this one and say New England isn't going to be as good without their "12th man" helping them out but I really think that the Pats will be able to hold LT and Gates just as the Bears did in Week 1. 27-24 Patriots

Washington vs. Philadelphia: Donovan McNabb didn't exactly have the start he would've like to against the Packers. The Redskins have a pretty solid defense but absolutely zero offense so I'm still going to go with the Eagles. 21-10 Eagles

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