Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Way to Go Wednesday

This week has produced a lot of comedic fodder for bloggers like myself to poke fun at. So far we've seen a pro athlete get suplexed by his coach and subsequently tearing his ACL; we've also seen grown men subjected to hilarious childish torture; and even some good, old-fashioned cross dressing.

After much deliberation (during a sales meeting mind you) the Way to Go Wednesday Award goes to...

Marc Ecko

The NY fashion king has successfully done what every sports fan outside of San Francisco would have done if we had $752,467 in cash. Ecko, in all his wisdom, bought Barry Bonds' record-breaking 756 home run ball and put it up for fans to decide what to do with it. Although I would have gotten a good laugh out of watching the ball launched into outer space, I'd gladly see the ball sit in the Baseball Hall of Fame forever - stamped with a nice, big asterisk.

This way, everyone who ever visits the Hall of Fame will learn about how Barry Bonds is a worthless piece of shit who injected himself with anything and everything to make his muscles bigger and his testicles smaller.

Way to go Marc Ecko - your stock just raised a notch in my book. You're at notch one.


Now it's time for the Way to Go Wednesday Award for being a total and complete fuckhead. This week's winner took the stereotypical professional athlete's "me first" stance and ran with it all the way around the world...stopping only once to punch a baby.

Way to Go Shawn Marion - you greedy son of a bitch.

Marion, a Chicago native, and possessor of the ugliest shot in the NBA, has reportedly demanded a trade from the Phoenix Suns. Even though he was due to make $16.4 million in 2007 and $17.8 million on his current MAXIMUM-level contract, Marion doesn't think that he is being paid enough for his "I won't go further than the 3-point line unless it's on a fast break" services.

I hope new Suns General Manager Steve Kerr brings you into his office and bitches your whiny ass out - then tells you that your role this year will be stretching Steve Nash's back out during TV timeouts.

Seriously Shawn Marion - shut the fuck up and play - you're making a ridiculous amount of money to travel the country and play a sport where nobody tries for 75% of the time anyway.

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