Thursday, September 6, 2007



After tedious months of watching the White Sox trot the most underacheiving team I can ever remember, the NFL is finally back. If I had to watch more of the Cubs' choke jobs in this pitiful division called the N.L. Central, I would have ripped my eyes out of their sockets and swallowed them so I could watch what I eat from now on. Anyways...

Every week Noce and myself here will be picking our favorites for the week. No confidence, handicapping, or survivor style. Just straight up picks, baby. Although we haven't discussed the reward for the regular season winner (mainly because we face each other in week one for fantasy with money riding on that) we'll let you know what's on the line.

Before I get into my picks, I'll give you my season awards, playoffs, super bowl picks, etc.

MVP: Peyton Manning

Offensive P.O.Y: LT

Defensive P.O.Y: Julius Peppers

R.O.Y. Offensive: Calvin Johnson

R.O.Y. Defensive: Patrick Willis

NFC Division Winners: Bears, Cowboys, Seahawks, Saints

NFC Wild Card: Eagles, Panthers

NFC Champs: Bears

AFC Division Winners: Patriots, Ravens, Colts, Chargers

AFC Wild Card: Broncos, Steelers

AFC Champs: Patriots

SUPER BOWL XLII: Bears 24, Patriots 21 (Or at least that's what I hope!)

Alright, with that out of the way, here's week one:

Indianaplois vs. New Orleans: Peyton picks apart Payton's pathetic secondary: 31-20 Colts. (note the alliteration)

Kansas City vs. Houston: Larry Johnson goes over the century mark and Huard moves the ball: 17-13 Chiefs.

Atlanta vs. Minnesota: Tavaris Jackson will throw at least 2 picks, while Harrington gets the job done. 21-10 Falcons.

Philadelphia vs. Green Bay: McNabb and Westbrook contribute 2 tds a piece. 31-17 Eagles.

Washington vs. Miami: Trent Green looks lost, and Jesse Chatman considers a hot dog on the sideline. 20-7 Redskins.

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville: In a battle of scrambling QB's, Vince shows the Madden curse is least for Week 1. 14-10 Titans.

Pittsburgh vs.Cleveland: There is no need for comment here. 28-6 Steelers.

Denver vs. Buffalo: In a close game til the end, Jay Cutler leads the troops down the field for a game winning field goal. 24-21 Broncos.

St. Louis vs. Carolina: Carolina's D is tough, but the Edward Jones Dome will be rocking. 21-17 Rams.

New England vs. NY Jets: Moss or no Moss, Brady doesnt even break a sweat. 31-14 Patriots.

San Diego vs. Chicago: Grossman will be hurting after this one. 24-10 Chargers.

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay: Shaun Alexander dispels any worries about his foot with 3 TDs in this one. 35-7 Seahawks.

Detroit vs. Oakland: Kitna disperses the ball to everyone, including rookie Calvin Johnson for his first TD. 28-9 Lions.

Dallas vs. NY Giants: In a close game, Eli Manning gets a chance to tie it up with 2 minute drive and predictably chokes. 24-17 Cowboys.

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati: Willis McGahee runs over the century mark and the Ravens keep 'Ocho Cinco' out of the endzone. 17-14 Ravens.

San Francisco vs. Arizona: America: meet Patrick Willis as the rookie is all over Leinart. 20-13 49ers.

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