Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Magic Number Stands at 4

Jason Marquis takes the mound tonight looking for 13th win this season against some jackass named Daniel Barone who I know nothing about. So far on the month, Marquis is 2-0 with an ERA at 4.88, which ballooned thanks to giving up seven runs in 2.2 IP to the Pirates Friday. Meanwhile, Barone has only pitched 37.1 innings this year and has given up 10 round trippers. I have a feeling there's going to be some bombs tonight.

The Brew Crew meanwhile trot 8-4 Carlos Villanueva out to the mound to face Brad "I look like a fucking tool in official photo" Thompson. Judging by the look on this guys face the Cubs better win because he looks like he'll shit himself on the mound with joy if he strikes somebody out.

If anyone gives a shit, which I doubt they do, Jon Garland on the other side of town makes his final start of the year, trying to reach double digit wins for the sixth year in a row. Somebody please take the White Sox 2007 season in the backyard and shoot in the head, Ron Mexico is too high to answer my phone calls.

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