Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 2 Picks From The Doctor...

From Bill Belichick's Candid Camera show to Tony Romo single-handedly taking me to victory over Noce for Fantasy, Week 1 was all over the place. Looking ahead at Week 2, Noce currently stands one game ahead...time to pull out all the stops...
Buffalo @ Pittsburgh: I really want to believe in the whole let's win this for Kevin Everett story, but I just don't think it's going happen. I personally wish the best for him and his family, but with that said, I'm taking the Steelers in this one. 24-13 Steelers
Houston @ Carolina: The Texans opened up their season with a win for the first time since 03', but let's not go talking about a winning streak anytime soon: 27-14 Panthers
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: Every fantasy owner who has stock in the Saints will be smiling after Sunday's rout, especially those with Drew Brees..I'm thinking 250 and 3 tds: 38-17 Saints
Atlanta @ Jacksonville: Not a chance in hell I repeat stupidity. Enough Said. 24-7 Jaguars
Cincinnati @ Cleveland: Here comes another lackluster game with the highlights of Brady Quinn contemplating the similarities between the eating habits of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel on the sidelines when he should be on the field. 35-6 Bengals
San Francisco @ St. Louis: Finally, a game that actually involved me invoking some thought. I like San Fran in this one; the Rams O-line sucks without Orlando Pace, meaning the 49'ers can blitz my boy Patrick Willis at will. 24-17 49-ers
Green Bay @ New York Giants: Although I prefer Mike North in the morning here in Chicago as opposed to those two clowns Mike and Mike, I have to agree with Golic's assessment this morning as I flipped over to ESPN Radio. The Giants should rest Eli to make sure this shoulder injury doesn't linger, and Green Bay wont have to worry about Brandon Jacobs either. 20-14 Packers
Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Vince Young can't do everything in this one. 31-14 Colts
Dallas @ Miami: Tony Romo wont be putting up the numbers like last week simply because he won't have to. I look for Julius Jones and Marion Barber III to get at least a TD each. 28-13 Cowboys
Minnesota @ Detroit: Should be a good game; Minnesota's defense has been solid the past couple of years, and it should be interesting to see how they match up with the Offensive Genius aka complete deuchebag Mike Martz' passing game. I think it will be close, but Tavaris Jackson is not ready to lead a 2 minute drill. 27-20 Lions
Seattle @ Arizona: After that sloppy ass game Arizona played, I don't see how there's anyway they can compete with the Seahawks. Matt Hasselbeck would have to be puking up his Campbell's Chunky Soup to lose this one. 34-13 Seahawks
Kansas City @ Chicago: Larry Johnson is pissed off, and the Bears D lost two starters last week. However, Damon Huard doesnt have anywhere near the talent (did I really just say that?) Rex does, even if he is a mental midget. 24-14 Bears
New York Jets @ Baltimore: Good news: Congratulations Kellen Clements, you get to start your first NFL game. Bad news: Congratulations Kellen Clements, you get to have Ray Lewis' cleats pulled out of your ass. 21-7 Ravens
Oakland @ Denver: If they can't beat Detriot at home, they sure as hell can't beat Denver 5200 feet above sea level. 31-10 Broncos
San Diego @ New England: By far the best match-up of the week, if not the year. I think these two will meet again in the AFC Championship game in January, and I also think that San Diego will win this game for the following reason: Brady won't have all day to throw like last week, not to mention this time he won't even know what defense he's up against pre-snap. If this game was in November or beyond I would take the Pats. 28-24 Chargers
Washington @ Philadelphia: Those idiots in Philly will be going crazy for the home opener at the Linc. Plus factoring in last week's loss, I like McNabb to dink and dunk away from Sean Taylor and LaRon Landry to victory: 20-17 Eagles

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