Monday, September 17, 2007

Get With The Program, Nike!

What the hell are you people waiting for? How many more fucking touchdowns does this guy have to run back before he can get some marketing campaigns? Is Devin a big talker? Hell no, but that doesnt mean you can't have him stand there and look like a badass. How about the U.S.P.S? Their slogan: Fly like an Eagle. Although he's a Bear...Bears eat Eagles, and it's all about the mascots...I digress.
If they can put all those LeBron posters around Cleveland, what's stopping the action around here? I can guarantee you people would be all for it.

Me and Noce were at the Bears home opener yesterday (BEARSSS) to watch in person #23 make Kansas Shitty look like they were on ice skates out there. You appreciate way more what he does when it's right in front of your face...amazing. Every time he walked onto the field, everyone was on their feet screaming for him.

I dont think there's any one athlete in Chicago right now that gets as much love from the crowd as he does. You can challenge me on that one too, if you want to lose
I was all for putting Hester on offense at the beginning of the year, but now I'm not so sure. The guy doesn't have the slightest idea of how to block which brings it to an 11-10 matchup. He has pretty good hands, but you can't send him over teh middle. If he were to get hurt, the Bears special teams explosiveness is gone, and so too is the reason they put any points on the board at all: field position.

If Grossman has shown anything in his injury plagued career thus far, it's that he's going to turn the ball over and make bad decisions at one point or another. Hence, by the shorter distance to go, the less of a chance the bad decision will have to made. I'm talking odds here people, not facts or anything of the sort.

Basically, my point is this: as long as Hester is lurking for opportunities on special teams, the Bears will either gain favorable field position by his return or them not kicking to him. If he's out, you're relying on mr. unreliable to win you games.
Since we have to wait 6 more days for Devin, I'll tide you over with these...ones from his days at the U, and the other from last season...enjoy...

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