Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Way To Go Wednesday

Since we've just got underway here at Chicago Bull, we wanted to introduce a weekly feature that will be a staple here on Wednesday - the Way To Go Wednesday salute. It works two ways: The first way to go is a positive one for those who are deserving of recognition either for their actions on the field or off of it. And considering we're everything from Bulls to Bullshit, it doesn't necessarily mean that the people will be sports figures. The second, and more dubious way to go, is for those who fit the same descriptions, just not in a positive manner.

Pretty self explanatory, and with that said, our man to the left earns the first ever way to go!

With his career starting to wind down, Shaquille is probably considering his options of whether to continue on his career or hang up his size 20 sneakers. Well, instead of choosing to play in order to appease wife's spending habits, The Diesel sent the bitch packing! Yesterday O'Neal filed for divorice papers citing his marriage has been "irretreviably broken" according to TMZ. While Shaq will be probably checking his Fave Five to hit up the night clubs with D-Wade soon, Shaunie O'Neal will have a hard time filling the void that Shaq left her, and I'm not talking emotions here. Good luck with that!

Way to go Shaq! You're alright by us!

On the otherside of the coin, we have the Way To Go for Tiki Barber. Seems like before you met Tom Coughlin you were coughing up the ball left and right. Now that you've left Tom and company, you're coughing it up again. Only this time instead of a football, it's the inner 13-year-old girl in you who just got accepted into the in-crowd and decided to put the dorks in their place. You were hired to be an NFL analyst, not the New York Giants face slapper (Eli might deserve it a little bit though). Whenever you have some relevant information on the Chargers offense against the Bears Cover 2 scheme, maybe I'll listen.

But until then, way to go Tiki...your book-selling, Jose Conseco-like antics have convinced me some day you'll get that training bra off. Congrats on being part of our Way to Go Wednesday - you jagoff!

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