Thursday, September 20, 2007

NFL Week 3 Picks

This clip has nothing to do with the NFL. I just found it out under broken leg on youtube and got a good laugh. Anyways, last week was pretty rough even though Noce and myself were above .500. More importantly, I gained the one game deficit back, and we're back to where we started from.

DR.C: 20-10 (9-6 last week)
Noce: 20-10 (8-7 last week)

Let's dive into the picks...

Minnesota @ Kansas City: I don't see Kansas City winning any time soon. 17-6 Vikings

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay: St. Louis' O-line is in shambles, and I think Tampa's Defense is still good enough to rattle Bulger. 24-17 Bucs

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh: Say goodbye to your undefeated season, San Fran. 28-13 Steelers

Detroit @ Philadelphia: I'm not sure how seriously I can take Detroit. I keep waiting for the apparition to show up, and I don't think it's happening this week. I'm banking on Kitna supposedly having no lingering effects, so we'll see. 28-17 Lions

Indianapolis @ Houston: While Houston has been the biggest surprise in my mind this year, I don't they'll take down Indy. Of course, I would have bet the bank on Cincinnati last week, so anything is possible. 41-20 Colts

San Diego @ Green Bay: I'm hoping this one is on locally here in Chicago so I can watch those fudge Packers lose. I will be cheering San Diego on lovingly...let's go L.T. 49-3 Chargers

Buffalo @ New England: If you can't beat Pittsburgh, you sure as shit aren't beating the Pats. 38-10 Patriots

Miami @ New York Jets: You can label this one under the I don't give a flying fuck section of my mental file cabinet. 17-13 Jets
Arizona @ Baltimore: Wait, keep that file cabinet open, I have another entry. 29-9 Ravens

Cincinnati @ Seattle: My mind says Seattle, my gut tells me Cincinnati. Gotta go with the gut even though Cincinnati plays as good as D as Stephen Hawking can. 31-21 Bengals

Cleveland @ Oakland: Both teams suck, so this isn't an easy choice. I'm going to go with Oakland; they're defense is decent enough and if they stick with Lamont Jordan they can control the clock to victory. 20-10 Raiders

Carolina @ Atlanta: My heart goes out to those who have to face Steve Smith in fantasy this will not be pleased with the outcome. 38-6 Panthers

New York Giants @ Washington: I like how Jason Campbell is looking after watching MNF. He seems pretty poised moving around in the pocket, and he makes good decisions and decent throws. With that said, I'll take the 'Skins. 24-17 Redskins

Dallas @ Chicago: I'm obviously looking forward to this game considering the damn name of the blog. Here's what I'll be looking for: How does Romo handle the Bears front 7? Can Grossman go an entire game with making 1 measly fucking mistake? (probably not), and if and when he does, how does he recover with a national audience watching? The non-Bear fan in me says Dallas wins by aFG, but I'm biased and I don't give a fuck...BEARSSSSS 28-24 Bears

Tennessee @ New Orleans: That home opener is going to be louder then an Al-Qaeda terrorist camp being deprived of snack and Allah hour. 31-17 Saints

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Mac G said...

Thanks for the Add to your Blog Roll. I returned the favor. I grew up loving the bulls and cheer for them when they are not playing the Wizards. Keep up the good work with the blog, word.