Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where's Chris Harris When You Need Him?

In Carolina, that's where. What a great idea to send Chris Harris packing just a few weeks ago, Jerry Angelo. Considering Mike Brown's history of being Joe Glass, you would think a concerned GM might wait until the trading deadline in week 6 just in case Joe Glass has another problem...buuuuttttt no.
On August 2nd, Angelo sent the serviceable safety to Carolina for a 5th round pick, which Lovie backed up as well with the depth at the position (at the time) "We felt like on our roster, we had six that we felt real good about. You can’t keep six safeties; it’s as simple as that.” So Lovie, you're telling me you would rather see Brandon McGowan (please note said dipshit not getting out of the way of the ball on the punt that lead to San Diego's first score) on the field on a third and ten then Chris Harris who had an interception in the Super Bowl?
I understand that you want to see Chris get some P.T. somewhere else so he doesnt become a waste on the bench, but you HAVE to keep the best talent possible available to you in case you need it. Hence, this exodus we'll be in for the rest of the season. What happens if Archulteta gets hurt?
Well don't you two have some explaining to do now. Super Bowl XLI burn victim Danieal Manning will go back the same post he occupied for most of 2006 when Joe Glass went down in the Arizona game, but once again the run defense will be susceptible. Just in time for an angry Larry Johnson. Sweet.

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