Friday, September 7, 2007

Phil Jackson Dwarfs Hall of Fame Class of 2007

The Zen master - Phil Jackson - finally took his rightful place in the NBA Hall of Fame today, along with what appeard to be a band of traveling midgets. Jackson is revered among Chicagoans for his implementation of the Triangle Offense, which eventually led to the one of the greatest NBA dynasties ever: The 1990-1998 Chicago Bulls. If it wasn't for that pompous ass Jerry Krause, Jackson might have finished his career in Chicago and not out in Los Angeles where he eventually found Zen and met the voluptous Jeanie Buss.

Jackson also said during his induction press conference that he really wanted to win the Kevin Garnett Sweepstakes but ultimatley was done out by the late Red Auerbach. It looks like he's stuck with Kobe and all his beefs for another full season. Jackson even commented on Kobe's status with himself and the team,
"There's some recouping that has to be done there, perhaps between Kobe and some of his teammates."(AP)

This is EXACTLY why I DO NOT ever want to see Kobe Bryant in a Chicago Bull uniform. He is as talented as they come but he's a pain in the ass to deal with - even the most calm, calculating coach in history has about had his fill with Kobe's bullshit. Do you really think Scott Skiles and his raging temper (See: Fight with Shaq) would be able to put up with all Kobe's guff? I think not. John Paxson has done a great job building up a TEAM of players that show up every night and work their asses off. It is well-known around the league that the Bulls are at the very top echelon of hard-working teams. I wouldn't trade any of our future stars for Kobe "Maybe I'll take the night off" Bryant.

Anyway, I'll step off my soapbox for now and congratulate Jackson on his wonderful playing career and even more astounding coaching career. You're twice the man Kobe is and twice as big as those guys you were inducted with.

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