Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Vick Rant

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and dog enthusiast Mike Vick got caught doing some more illegal shit when tests came back positive for marijuana in a urine sample from earlier this month. While this might be the least of his concerns right now, (if I were him I'd want to escape reality too right now) Vick is not helping any potential comeback chances to the NFL.

Vick is now sentenced to home confinement, which includes an ankle bracelet that he has to pay for, as well as random uring and sweat testing. I wonder how many little kids who paid money for your jerseys are still yearning to be you now Mike. After all the lawyer fees, fines, and court mandated expenses you're going to be lucky to be able to afford a roof over your marijuana-filled head. This is all your fault Mike - you had everything and you decided you'd rather act like Snoop.

I have been stewing over my thoughts on the whole Vick issue ever since people started treating him like he was a mass-murdering antichrist. I was never one of those people who were anti-Vick, even afer all the dogfighting news surfaced (literally)...too soon? Maybe it's because I've never owned a dog, or maybe I'm just a son of a bitch but it just seemed like everyone needed to take their mind off the real tragedies facing the world right now (the shitstorm in the Middle East, Darfur, and college shootings). Sports are a way of taking our mind off of these everyday issues in order to entertain and divert our attention.

So rather than deal with the real problems, people enjoy it when "enemies" like Mike Vick get in trouble because it allows them to feel better about themselves. Mike Vick is not a model American - I don't think you could get anyone to agree with that statement. However, there have been plenty of athletes accused and convicted of crimes that go far beyond dogfighting. Michael Vick never raped anybody, he never tried to kill anybody, and he never succeeded in literally murdering anybody.

What Michael Vick did with the dogfighting was against the law - he should be punished just like anyone else who has ever been accused of running an illegal dogfighting ring. But do you think he will be punished the same as if some schmuck from Bumfuck, Alabama got pinched for the same crimes? No fucking way.

It's a shame that all this has happened because Vick was such a tremendous athlete. Mike Vick has only himself to blame - I'm sure he realizes the magnitude of his personal problems by now, maybe that is what led him to drug abuse. Are you really going to think any lower of Vick now that you learned he really does smoke marijuana on occasion? How many of you can honestly say you haven't tried it before? Look at yourselves before you so harshly judge people in the public eye because it's easier than judging the value of your own character.

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