Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NFL Standings after Week 3 and Analysis

What is it you'd say...you do around here? Me, not a whole fucking lot. If I didn't have this to do during my day I'd have probably gone postal by now. Not really, but sort of. Moving forward, here's the standings between Noce and I:


Dr.C: 29-17 (HATE THAT NUMBER AS A BEARS FAN 9-7 last week)
Noce: 28-18 (8-8)

Individual Performance of the Week: A lot of players put up Madden-type number last week, but overall I'd have to go with McNabb. If the Eagles would have dropped to 0-3 against the Lions their season would have pretty much been over. He needed a game like this.

Most Impressive Team: The mother fucking Packers. My two jerkoff friends that are Pack fans are reveling in the fact they're 3-0 and the Bears are 1-2. Congratulations fuck-o's, you've won 3 football games. You've still got plenty of season left and even if you were to make it to the playoffs you'd get your asses whipped. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Least Impressive Team: Definitely San Diego. Norv Turner makes Eddie Mush from A Bronx Tale look like Sam fuckin Rothstein in his prime.

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