Monday, October 8, 2007

Damn Beetles and Their Cocaine

Be careful when partying around Beetles. Sure, they keep to their own, seem harmless enough. But that's when they start blowing lines. Then, just like that, they take their pinchers and attack. I hate when that happens. Since not a whole lot is going on in the sports world, I've decided to go to my back-up plan: Reuters' Oddly Enough.

Apparently, those Peruvians don't fuck around with innovation when it comes to shipping the white. Young Jeezy would approve. According to the report, Dutch Custom agents found 100 dead beetles with viles in them, all together holding 300 grams worth 11k in US. I'm pretty excited for 2 dozen Praying Mantis I'm getting from my dealer later on this week. Who knows how much they can store!

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