Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NFL Week 5: Standings and Analysis

Since Peanut saved the Bears season for at least one more, he'll be the patron saint of our week five review. Both me and Noce did alot better last week, however, Noce picked up another game on me, which now puts him ahead by four in the standings.


Noce: 49-25 (12-2 last week)
Dr. C: 45-29 (11-3 last week)

Individual Performance of the Week: This honor goes to Kenton Keith of the Indianapolis Colts. 121 yds, 2 tds is not a bad first start ever in the NFL. Granted, Peyton Manning makes all of that easier, but he still has to go get the yards. He sure as hell looks alot better then Benson. The runner-up award would go to Ben Watson with 100+ yds receiving and 2 tds also.

Most Impressive Team: San Diego flat out delivered an ass-whooping to Denver, giving them their biggest home loss since 66'. L.T. and NIU alumnus Michael Turner combined for 287 yards. Philip Rivers threw for 270 with 2 tds, and the kickoff team took a fumble in for 6. This is a weak division so far, and is there for San Diego to take, which it will most likely do.

Least Impressive Team: On the other hand, Denver looks like complete shit; they barely beat Buffalo and Oakland, and in their past 3 losses are averaging just over 12 points per game, a category they rank 26th in the league. Which is also funny considering they rank 5th in total yards. Put the ball in the fucking end zone, Cutler. Or maybe you could put some Travis Henry's illigitiment children behind, and get him going. Whatever you need to do, cause you're season will be in the shitter soon if you don't.

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