Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Skiles allows Wallace to finally sweat in peace

The Chicago Tribune reported today that Chicago Bulls' head coach Scott Skiles has agreed to allow Ben Wallace wear a headband for the games during the season. Skiles stated that the team still has the "no-headband" rule in place but left the decision in Wallace's case up to the players. Skiles has always been in favor of the mantra that "the team is more important than any individual" and the Bulls success over the past four to five seasons has been due to an outstanding work ethic imposed by Skiles.

If this lenient act by Skiles gives Wallace incentive to actually try during his usual 30-35 minutes per game, that's great. I've always been on Skiles' side in this fight because Wallace had to have known before he signed his $60 million dollar contract that headbands were a big no-no with Skiles.

All headgear aside, hopefully Wallace has been working on two things over the offseason: passing and free throw shooting (fundamentals every player in the NBA should possess). I'm not sure why the Bulls chose to give the offensively-challenged center the ball so frequently when he had his back to the basket but they did - and it usually ended in either an air ball or a turnover.

I do know one thing about this rule and it has to do with Skiles not taking the blame if Wallace doesn't improve his play. If this is Skiles' move so he doesn't get the heat when Wallace doesn't perform like he is being paid to, Skiles is a genius. All he has to do is point to that piece of cloth on his head and say "Hey - we are breaking rules for this guy and he isn't even breaking enough sweat to properly use the stupid thing."

Well played Skiles, well played.


djust2 said...

A no headband rule is so stupid.

And what is this NBA you keep going on about??

Noce said...

Dave - the rule is in place for a reason - albeit a good one or not it's there - Wallace is lucky his salary demands an exception. The Bulls would be wise to sign Luol Deng and Ben Gordon to long-term deals now or they'll be forced to pay much more in free agent deals who most likely won't work out with the current system. P.S. the NBA is alive and fruitful...at least we have the review system in place so our playoff teams don't end up sliding past Michael Barrett and the replay system into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

fruitful? you putz