Monday, October 22, 2007

Talk About Holy Shit!

No, he is not the Pope. But he did pull a miracle yesterday in Philadelaphia. Under 2 minutes, no timeouts, 97 yards to go and no ability to talk with Ron Turner as his headset cut out(probably the biggest reason they won). Any situation that involves those circumstances and the words Bears Offense has the same fate as the Titanic. But sink the Bears did not..or at least not yet. Here's a look at the Bears remaining schedule for the year:

10/28 vs. Lions
11/11 @ Raiders
11/18 @ Seahawks
11/25 vs. Broncos
12/2 vs. Giants
12/6 @ Redskins
12/17 @ Vikings
12/23 vs. Packers
12/30 vs. Saints

Oakland looks like the only game that shouldn't present a challenge. But after that it looks pretty rough. I could see each game going either way, and as a Bears fan, I'm thinking if they could make it to 9-7, that should be close enough in the shitty NFC. But who knows? The Bears are going to have Nathan Vasher back soon, and as long as they get him back before the Seahawks game they should be in good position.

But before they start thinking ahead, Bob Babich needs to get the crew back on some turnovers. Now, I say this because they're starting to tackle better, but that should still be the main focus. I noticed two times where Trumaine McBride tried to strip the ball, but that was after someone else had the person wrapped up, so I thought that was good. And Trumaine McBride not getting ripped on in this blog is a first, so congrats Trumaine, but you still suck!

Brian Griese is who we thought he was, and still proved my point all along. What the Bears offense needed was someone who would not create turnovers constantly. So far, Griese does have 6 interceptions, but he has 8 touchdowns as well. Bears fans aren't asking for perfection; were asking for stability and accountability. That's exactly what Griese provides. There are times when some of his throws make me shake my head or call him a weak-armed douchebag, but more often then not the guy can make the throws needed.

Finally, this needs to be addressed. I will no longer refer to #80 on the Bears as Bernard Berrian. His new name is the Ballerina Bitch. Watch as the Ballerina Bitch as he attempts to block next time. His pirouette is much better then his ability to stop some in front of him. The Bears were on the 5 yard line yesterday with the chance to score, and a quick screen was called to Adrian Peterson. The BB's assignment? Block down on the middle linebacker to spring AP. What does he do? throw his hands out like a bitch and then move away quickly, allowing Peterson to get stopped on 2. WAY TO GO YOU FUCKING JAGOFF! Nothing like being a team player and taking care of your fucking assignment. You're lucky you guys won, but I'm serving notice that this will not be swept under the rug. If you're going to be on the field, learn how to fucking block. Prick.

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