Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't Fuck with us

I'm bored, I don't have to go to work tomorrow morning (YES!), and I checked our inbox randomly to see what's going on. First off, I'm sure that if you read our site, you're well aware we consider this blog everything from Bulls to Bullshit, as our title reads. Personally, I think me and Noce need to include some more funny shit which pisses us off as people to make our site more to the title. That said, I just read a spam email which has led me to this topic. I'm sure plenty of you get those bullshit emails that go something like this: My name is Mr. Brown Walter, and I had an account with the man who was going to be the mayor of Baghdad, Mr. Muhammad Bin Kalah. This person has just been assassinated, and I would like to transfer the funds to you with your permission.

WOW! God, Allah, whatever Mr. Brown Walter hopes I believe in has really blessed me. I've just scored huge bucks by the grace of the almighty. I can't wait to cash in my new found riches and live the good life...Oh Wait, I got a college education and don't believe a word of this that case, FUCK OFF! Here's some thoughts I'd like to pass along after reading one of these LOTTERY emails which I didn't apply for:
1. Anyone who falls for this shit absolutely deserves it.
2. Anyone who thinks that I, Noce, or it's readers would fall for this deserves the following for it to happen in no particular order: Each toe cut off by papercuts, Battery acid on their genitals, each finger bit off by Warwick Davis, more std's then derek jeter, your face cut off and fed to a red-assed babboon, your eternal thoughts shrouded with Wynnona Judd's asshole, and in your mouth, taste the ass of Bill Belichick after a 12 Jalepeno slider's from White Castle.

In other words, I would like to send you cocksuckers an email. Chicago Bull has presented you a chance to go straight to hell. No collecting jail time, 50 dollars, anal warts or anything else you acculumate in international prison. The choice is your Mr. Brown Walter. Otherwise your so-called brown first name is going to be looking more like black and blue, with a whole of Battery Acid burns and Jeter STD's.

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DCScrap said...

Preach boutha...