Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 8 Picks From The Doctor

For this week's picture I went with everyone's favorite Monday night cheerleader. Although I hear good things about Heroes, I haven't seen an episode of it and I'm not sure whether I want to just jump in. The only real sitcom/week night show I watch is the Office. Anyways, I'm behind 6 games in the standings and its been a while since I've put a dent in Noce's lead. For those of you wondering or care, Noce has been like Rex Grossman to me...worthless and on the bench. In the past week he's made one post, and I had to call him to make sure he was going to do it. Since I didn't do Way To Go Wednesday yesterday, I'll give a short version. My Way To Go is for Noce for being a no-posting, gulbricking deadbeat. STAY OUT OF MALIBU, LEBOWSKI! With that out of the way, let's start making the miracle come back as only Brian Griese could last week.

Also, for those of you unaware and like to make some wagers, I pick three games a week over at Epic Carnival, so my three plays are in bold. I was 1-2 last week.

Cleveland @ St. Louis: This game should be sponsored by the local water treatment plant because it's going to be complete shit. LINE: CLE -3 31-10 Browns

New York Giants @ Miami: I would rather watch a marathon of the view then this game...Okay maybe not but still. 28-3 Giants

Indianapolis @ Carolina: It's not a question if Indy will win, but rather by how much? LINE: IND -7 34-13 Colts

Detroit @ Chicago: Fuck do the Bears need Vash back. He didn't practice this week, and it could be more of the Trumaine McIblowgoatassholeBride. Uh oh. Luckily for the Bears, Detroit sucks on the road, and Griese has been good. That should be enough for a 4-4 record. 20-13 Bears

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: This is a do or die game for Cincy. I choose die. 27-20 Steelers

Philadelaphia @ Minnesota: I feel like the Viqueens could take this one, but the more I think about that Eagles D going off on Tavaris Jackson, the more I lean to Philly. 24-16 Eagles

Oakland @ Tennessee: Doesn't matter whether its Vince or Kerry under center, this should be no problem for the Titans. 17-6 Titans

Buffalo @ New York Jets: Here's another craptastic game. I'm going to pull a Danny Mac ESPN Radio 1000 and flip a coin; Heads Buffalo, Tails Jets...its heads. 23-14 Bills

Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay: The Jags will be taking a 3 hour and change driving trip to Tampa, and The Bucs can mail this one in with Quinn whatever the fuck his name is under center. 31-9 Bucs

Houston @ San Diego: No word yet on if or where this game will be played as of now. San Diego will obviously have alot on their minds, but this will probably be the perfect thing for them not to think about their current situation. 34-24 Chargers

New Orleans @ San Francisco: After a 2-0 start for the niners, they're back to where they belong. After a 0-4 start, the Saints have won two straight. One on the way up, the other still downward. Expect more of the same. LINE: NO -3 31-10 Saints

Washington @ New England: Same description as Indy's game. 38-21 Patriots

Green Bay @ Denver: Should be a good match-up. Denver finally woke up against Pittsburgh last week while the Packers are coming off of a bye. But here's an interesting thing I found out. Green Bay has never won in Denver, and the Broncos are 10-3 in their last 13 MNF games. I'll take the Broncos, fuck you Pack! 24-21 Broncos

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nailed that new orleans vs. tampa bay on.