Monday, October 29, 2007

Bulls Preseason Chaos

ESPN Radio 1000 (WMVP-AM) agreed today in principle with the Chicago Bulls in a five year deal that goes through the 2011-12 season. Yes, the same ESPN station that produced such hits as Mac, Jurko and Harry - famous for their "lovechildren" and parody songs - will once again be the home of the Bulls when it comes to radio. Check out their latest one starring Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich. If you don't understand the concept of the joke, punch yourself in the dick and try again.

Former Bull Bill Wennington will be joined by veteran play-by-play man Neil Funk beginning on Wednesday as the Bulls open their season at home against the New Jersey Nets. After a five-year stint on WCKG-FM, the Bulls returned to WMVP-AM, the radio station that broadcasted their last NBA Championship.

All in all I guess it's good to have the Bulls back on the AM waves, even if it is on the Worldwide Leader's dime. Wennington and Funk may have to quickly adapt to a new Bulls roster as well as each other, as the trade rumors continue to surround the city of Chicago. After a hectic weekend of Kobe Bryant talk, Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune reported that the Bulls wisely rejected a ridiculous deal of Kobe for Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. Holy shit would I be mad if they really shipped two potential All-Stars and two more 1st Round picks for Bryant and his Sears Tower-sized ego.

Please Pax, do not succumb to the pressure surrounding Kobe, please. He still has two years left on his massive deal and you're basically mortgaging the next 8-10 years of the team in order to hopefully win a championship now. I say hopefully because what would be left after a trade for Bryant would be very little, almost as little as Kobe is working with now in Los Angeles - and we've seen how he deals with less than superb talent.

I don't want it to happen but if the Bulls are going to make a serious offer for Bryant, give them Ben Wallace, Thomas, Gordon, and Chris Duhon. The Wallace experiment has almost officially failed; Thomas, while impressive at times, seems to be coming along slower than anticipated and is always pissing off Scott Skiles; and Gordon really only is effective on the offensive end of the floor. I'm not going to go into why Duhon should be traded because any Bulls fan knows by now that he makes the players around him worse when he is on the floor.

Even though I have my doubts about the Bulls' chances of contending for and Eastern Conference title with the current roster, there's no need to panic now and trade away half of the team to get Bryant, even if he is the best player in the game. Think Skiles would deal with one of Kobe's famous "outbursts"? Hell no. This is the man that instigated a fight with Shaq. That's about as far as the similarities go between Skiles and Bryant - adding Bryant to the team would be horrible for the dynamic of this young team.

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