Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy 87th Anniversary, Chicago Bears!

It was on this day in 1920 that Papa Halas' then Decatur Staleys took the field against the Rock Island Independents. In true Bears fashion, the defense shut out the Independents 7-zip. The Staley's went on to a 5-1-2 record, only allowing 14 points all year. Take that, current Bears whippersnappers! It's also funny to note in those two ties, nobody scored. Talk about exciting. In 21', they became the Chicago Staley (Decatur sucks), and in 22' became the Bears you know today. Papa Bear coached the team for 40 seasons, piling up 318 wins, second only to Don Shula. To honor this great day, I've decided to throw up some of the greats in Bear History.

- Sid Luckman, QB: 1939-50'
Luckman is all-time passing leader in Bears' history with 14,686 yards. Luckman led the Bears to 4 NFL championships during his tenure, yet never threw for more 2,800 in a season. Of course, back then they only played 11 or 12 games in a season.

- Johnny Morris, WR: 1958-67'
I'd have a picture up for the rest of the players, but Blogger is a being a bitch so you'll just have to settle for quick descriptions. Morris is the all-time leader in receiving yards for Da Bears with 5,059, and also added 1,040 rushing. Morris' best year was in 64' when he had 93 receptions for 1,200 and 10 tds.

- Mike Ditka, TE: 1961-72'
Da coach played his first 6 seasons in a Bears uniform before going to play for Philadelaphia and Dallas. Ditka made 5 consecutive Pro Bowls starting his with his rookie year.

- Dick Butkus, LB: 1965-73'
. Butkus was nasty personified. The 8 time Pro Bowler and HOF member delivered some of the meanest hits in the NFL...ever.

- Gale Sayers, RB: 1965-71'
The Kansas Comet only played 7 seasons, with the first five being actually fully played. None the less, the 4 time Pro Bowler holds a special distinction with Butkus that has only happened once in NFL history: both players were drafted in the 1st round back to back, and both are in the Hall.

Walter Payton, RB: 1975-87'
I need not comment. Sweetness: 16,726 yards beats Luckman's career passing by a little over 2,000 yards.

- Mike Singletary, LB: 1981-92'
The Samurai will always be remembered for his wide eyes while waiting for the ball to snap. We're talking Cookie Monster big, here. Singletary made 10 consecutive Pro Bowls starting in 83' until his last season in 92'. He's currently a coach on the 49'ers staff.

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