Friday, October 12, 2007

Name Your Sports Destination

So I get on this morning, and scroll down past the same old bullshit when I see this intriguing article title: Beam me up: Just how close are we to teleportation? Boy, was I excited. I was really hoping it was going to be like next Tuesday or something. Then I could take my insurance money to fix my car and go buy a bag of cheese heroin or something. Anyways, Turns out they're in the preliminary stage of transporting single atoms, and since the human body is 10 x 28th power, we'll probably have to wait til next Sunday. But it also got me thinking about something else. If you had to pick 5 of the greatest events in sports that you could transport to, what would you pick? Considering it a fucking time machine, I don't care. Here's the 5 I want to see, and we'll start with the picture above.

1980 US WINTER OLYMPICS: US VS. MOTHER RUSSIA: How bad ass would that've been to tell your kids you watched a team of Ivan Drago's get their asses kicked by pint sized Rocky Balboa's? Pretty fucking sweet.

ALI VS. FRAZIER III: THE THRILLA IN MANILA: Although it was at the end of both their illustrious careers, what more could you ask for then two of the greatest heavyweights in history of boxing go at it for 14 rounds? Ali came out strong, Frazier came back, and Ali took the last couple rounds as Frazier threw in the towel before the start of the 15th. Add in all of Ali's antics leading up to and during the fight, and this is easily the match I would love to see.

2001 GAME SEVEN: YANKEES VS. D-BACKS: Sorry Noce, I would have obviously picked going to game four of the 05' series, but I decided not to go the homer route as I enjoyed watching the Sox win at Pinch in Carbondale. Anyways, that was the best postseason series I've ever seen, and being there at that game would have been awesome to see the Yankees dynasty collapse on a Luis Gonzalez bloop.

2007 FIESTA BOWL: BOISE STATE VS. OKLAHOMA: Again, the best football game I have ever watched. Every play, every twist and turn, you never knew who would end up on top. That hook and ladder almost cost me a broken neck when I saw it.

1992 EAST REGIONAL FINAL: KENTUCKY VS. DUKE: I could care less for Duke, but that is the best basketball game finish...ever.

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