Saturday, October 20, 2007

October is the Best Month for Several Reasons...

Postseason Baseball, the NFL and NCAA football season in full, and one of my personal favorites, Monsterfest on AMC. I enjoy Shark Week on Discovery in August, but for some reason, nothing tops Monsterfest in my book, and I don't even own a horror movie (Saw doesn't count, does it?). While the only draw back is obviously having most of the good stuff censored, (P.J. Soles' tits never get old) it's still great hearing that music in Halloween when Michael Myers is going to go OJ on somebody. Anyways, I wanted to bring to your attention that Monsterfest starts on Monday and will obviously go onto the 31st. Here's the schedule for this week for you to peruse..I have Wednesday night and Saturday night circled. Gotta Love the Exorcist.

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