Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh my God that guy's arm just fell off...

...and landed on the dock. This is what I wanted Mike Tirico to say about Tom Brady tonight as I sat through the beautiful disaster that was ESPN's Monday Night Football coverage. I consider it a small miracle that I made it through three quarters of that incoherent drivel. My nausea started with a Tom Brady GQ segment that ESPN pathetically aired and continued
throughout the entire game.

Tirico, Kornheiser and Jaws all took turns glorifying the Patriots and by now have most likely crowned them champions of Super Bowl 42. I think the quote that best summed up their collective ass-kissing was made by Emmit Smith:

"Patriots: Too Much Offense, Too Much Defense, Too Much of an all-around better Golf Club....Ball Club." - Emmitt Smith

Wow. We are all dumber now for watching that game. On that note - I'll leave you with something that will at least make you laugh. When it comes to analysts, the only ones I trust also happen to be therapists.

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