Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NFL Week 7: Standings and Analysis

Houston really screwed me on my plays this week...but even if they did win, they wouldn't have covered. And since you cost me Texans, I will take this cheerleader home with me as reparations. Good, were even. Anyways, I finished 1-2 for the plays as Indy easily covered thanks to some bum named Quinn Gray. And I also lost yet another game in the standings thanks to those jagoff Jets who had a 23-10 second half lead only to piss it away. So I blame the Jets for that, and I'll be scouring your cheerleaders next. Oh, if only...


Noce: 67-34 (10-4 last week)
Dr. C: 61-40 (9-5 last week)

Individual Performance of the Week: I'm sick of hearing the guy's name who clearly is on pace to shatter everything that is single-season passing records, so I'll go elsewhere here even though he was clearly the winner. Kenny Watson put a 31 car, 130 yard performance with 3 tds in the comeback win over the Jets. While the Bengals stand at 2-4 and most likely won't be able to comeback in the playoff picture, anything is possible, and that was made true thanks to their win. The Bengals will need to go at least 3-1 if they want to make any chance of a run, and will have the Steelers at home, then go on the road to Buffalo and Baltimore before coming home to face the Cardinals. They have a decent chance, but some how they're going to need that depleted defense to step up.

Most Impressive Team: Indianapolis is quietly building moment towards their showdown with New England on November 4th. The defense is much improved, and their offense shows no signs of slowing down with Kenton Keith doing a great spell job for Joseph Addai. While New England is the team to beat, Indianapolis is the only team that can match-up with them.

Least Impressive Team: While there are plenty of unimpressive teams (ATL, OAK, STL) the one that should have been able to come out with a victory is the Pittsburgh Steelers who fell flat on their face in Denver. It seems like it doesn't matter who comes in Colorado these days for any sport. The Steelers will most likely be a playoff team, but they have a lot to correct if they want to get anywhere in the postseason.

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