Monday, October 22, 2007

More Miracles: Hawks Home Games to Be Televised!!

(photo courtesy of in the name of Tuomo Ruutu is going on around here? First the Bears drive 97 yards in under 2 minutes with no timeouts, and now the Blackhawks are in discussion for possibly airing some home games by this year?! William Wadsworth Wirtz is surely spinning in his grave after hearing this one.

Talk about a smart marketing move for Rocky Wirtz. The team is off to a good start, and if you want to start buzz in the city, this is exactly how you do it. I watched the game on Saturday night in amazement. Down 3 to 1 in Toronto heading into the third. What do they do? Tie it up in less then 3 minutes to start the game, and Mr. Big Game Goal Robert Lang of course lives up to his new nickname by putting them up with 7 minutes left. If you haven't watched this team, and by the numbers you haven't, you should give this team a try at least. Will you know most of their names? Probably not, but they're a fun team to watch.

The Hawks are currently in second place of the Central Division behind Detroit with Columbus coming to the UC tomorrow night. The thought of being able to watch it at home soon instead of listening does one happy Dr. make.

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