Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 6 Picks From the Doctor

Friday can not come fast enough. Having to deal with all of this insurance and filing reports bullshit is driving me up the fucking wall. I forgot how much I hate dealing with jackasses. Anyways, enough with the bullshit. This week is looking pretty tough to call, so hopefully I'll be able to cut into Noce's lead come Sunday. With that said, here's who I like:

Minnesota @ Chicago : Tavaris Jackson is back in the starting spot after a groin injury, and that's a good thing for the Bears. I don't expect him to be very mobile as I have pulled a groin in my once football career as well. I think Brian Griese is starting to get in season form, and I think the Bears at home should have enough to beat the Viqueens. 20-10 Bears

Miami @ Cleveland: Cleo Lemon will be starting in placed of the concussed old man, Trent Green. Here's some things were I Dolphins' fan that I would rather see other Cleo Lemon, in no particular order:
- A DVD of 2007 Florida Marlins
- A category 5 Hurricane come ashore in person, hopefully bolted to something
- Shaunie O'Neal's shopping spree before the announcement of her divorice
- An Alligator in my pool while floating on a plastic raft
27-9 Browns

Washington @ Green Bay: Washington is coming off of an ass-raping of Detroit, while the Pack will look to rebound. Washington looks good for the most part, and Green Bay's inability to run is bound to catch up with them soon. It will be interesting to see how Washington will attack Favre since they obviously won't be respecting the run. I'll take the 'skins. 24-21 Redskins

Houston @ Jacksonville: Houston was barely able to beat the pathetic Dolphins, and Jacksonville will be looking for revenge after Houston swept their season series last year. 27-17 Jaguars

Cincinnati @ Kansas City: Bengals offense good, Chiefs bad. Bengals defense bad, Chiefs defense mediocre. I'll take Cincy. 31-20 Bengals

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay: Tennessee is coming in pretty healthy for the most part while Tampa Bay has Michael Pittman and Cadillac Williams on the shelf. Earnest Graham seems like he can do a good job, but I don't think that's enough to beat the Titans. 17-7 Titans

St. Louis @ Baltimore: St. Louis SUCKS. 31-9 Ravens

Philadelphia @ New York Jets: Philly has looked impressive against one team, and that's not saying a whole lot considering Detroit's D. Until the Jets start Kellen Clements, Thomas Jones is not going to be effective because everyone knows Pennington can't go deep. I'm feeling a lot of points in this one. 35-31 Eagles

Carolina @ Arizona: No Jake Delhomme, and Mr. Mittens does not a good starter make. Will Vinny be drinking his metamucil and have enough to win a ballgame? I dont think so. 21-13 Cardinals

New England @ Dallas: I think it's still to early to call this one a potential Super Bowl match-up as alot can happen in between now and January. However, this is hands down the game of the week, and while I think New England will win, it will be interesting to see how the best team in the NFC stacks up against the best in AFC. 31-24 Patriots

Oakland @ San Diego: San Diego appears to be back on the map, and they should bounce back to .500 no problem. Of course, I said that about K.C. and look where that got me. 38-17 Chargers

New Orleans @ Seattle: It's bad enough that New Orleans has been the biggest disappointment in my mind so far this year, and now they have to show America again how bad they are in case anyone forgot. 27-14 Seahawks

New York Giants @ Atlanta: Over/Under on how many limbs Joey Harrington is going to lose is 1 and a half. Place your bets. 35-10 Giants

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