Thursday, October 18, 2007

NFL Week 7: Picks and Standings

Rex is still in a Bears uniform, and I don't know why. I don't even take the argument of depth when you weigh it in with the following: 1. You could have gotten anywhere from 2-3 round pick for Rex. 2. Grossman will be going his own route after the season is over. 3. You have Chris Leak on the practice squad, and you could bump Orton up to #2. You've already given him a chance, and while he wasn't the best at times, he did manage to get them to 10 wins as a rookie, and that's impressive no matter what you think he did or didn't do. For those following reasons, coupled in with the scarcity of NFL capable starting quarterbacks around the league thanks to injuries, it makes no sense for him to make stupid smiles and tell himself knock-knock jokes on the sidelines.

Once again, Noce has taken more of a lead on me, and I wonder when I going to get my Shawshank Redemption. I, Dr.C, aka this week's Andy Dufrain will start to tunnel through the jail cell this week.

Also, since this post will be featured on, I will be making my three bests plays in bold including the line for you Country Club golf hustlers. If you get that reference, maybe you live to be a thousand years old. Each play is already my pick to win.


Noce: 57-30 (8-5 last week)
Dr.C: 52-35 (7-6 last week)

Atlanta @ New Orleans: Could it be? A winning streak for the Saints?
28-10 Saints

Arizona @ Washington: Jason Campbell >>> Tim Rattay. Not just once greater then, but add two more on top of that. 24-7 'Skins

Baltimore @ Buffalo: Baltimore's lack of offense has been their problem for the entire 21st century as we know it. But Trent Edwards hasn't faced a D like this yet. 17-13 Ravens

Tampa Bay @ Detroit: I feel like this could be a trap game for Bucs. The Lions are coming off of a bye, so they should be well rested. If I'm going to make any ground on Noce, I gotta take some chances. 27-20 Lions

San Francisco @ New York Giants: Alex Smith couldn't handle the Baltimore pressure, and the Giants front 7 is no walk in the park either. 20-6 Giants

Tennessee @ Houston: Vince Young sent a statement to the Texans after passing on him and Reggie Bush for Mario Williams last year as he made that awesome run to win the game in OT for the Titans. However, Young is day-to-day, and Ahman Green should be back in the lineup. 21-16 Texans LINE: TEN -1.5

New England @ Miami: I think they should make Belicheck a player/coach for this one, because he'd go for a buck-fifty against the 'phins. 42-13 Patriots

New York Jets @ Cincinnati: This is a tough one. Cincinnati's defense is the absolute worst in the league. Rudi Johnson has been a huge fantasy bust this year, and I'm not sure he's even playing in this one. I'll take TJ running over some fools in the Jungle. 28-24 Jets

Kansas City @ Oakland: K.C. has finally found some offense again. Why Huard wasn't throwing to Gonzalez the whole year, I'll never know. At least he found him again. 23-14 Chiefs

Chicago @ Philadelaphia: McNabb has a struck a chord with Kevin Curtis, and I would imagine he'll have Peanut on him all day. The question then lies in the match-up between Brown and Manning. Good luck, Bears, I hope you win. 24-17 Eagles

St. Louis @ Seattle: 35-6 Seahawks

Minnesota @ Dallas: Please believe Dallas will not make the same mistakes the Bears did against Purple Jesus. The guy can make wine from water with that offense, but not this time around. 31-20 Cowboys

Pittsburgh @ Denver: The Rockies are so hot...oh wait, were talking about the Broncos? Yeah, complete opposites. 28-14 Steelers LINE: -3.5 PIT

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville is no push over, and this might be one of the better MNF match-ups this year. Hopefully we'll have more to talk about in this one from what happens on the field instead in the broadcast booth. 31-23 Colts LINE: -3 IND

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