Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 5 Picks from the Doctor

Thanks goes out to the 700 level for this wonderful pic I found on Google. There's a time in point where you can no longer pick on biases, and I have finally reached that point. I will start by prefacing that I picked San Diego to win against the Bears in the beginning. And as much as it pains me to do this, I have to pick the Packers. I pray to the Almighty they prove my pick wrong, because outside of K.C. the Bears have betrayed me. Let's hope that trend continues.

On to the picks

Cleveland @ New England: What a joke of a game this is going to be. 41-6 Patriots

New York Jets @ New York Giants: The Giants' D Line has been playing out of their mind and the last time the Jets beat the Giants was 93'. I'll take the G-men. 24-10 Giants

Jacksonville @ Kansas City: Kansas City's performance at San Diego last week makes this one alot harder to decide. I'm going to go with the Chiefs though. Maurice Jones-Drew hasn't done shit this year, and I think with a steady dose of L.J. who should be in full season swing now can get it done. 17-13 Chiefs

Atlanta @ Tennessee: Atlanta picked up their first win of the season last week. It will be awhile before they see their second. 27-7 Titans

Seattle @ Pittsburgh: I'm hoping this game will be on, cause this should be a good match-up. I'll take the Steelers at home coming off of their first loss. 31-24 Steelers

Carolina @ New Orleans: After getting destroyed by the Bucs, I have no idea what Carolina is going to show up, especially with Jake Delhomme being questionable at this point. New Orleans' secondary sucks though, and Steve Smith on turf is bad news. I might be regretting this one, but I think Carolina gets it done. 35-17 Panthers

Arizona @ St.Louis: One of the few teams that's looked worse then the Bears have is easily the Rams. No O-Line, no Marc Bulger. Fear the Frerotte. 31-9 Cardinals

Detroit @ Washington: The Redskins are kinda like the NFL version of the Cubs. You don't know whose going to show up, and they have a chance to make it to the playoffs with their talent on paper. However, God is backing Jon Kitna, so I will too. 21-14 Lions

Miami @ Houston: I don't see Andre Johnson or Ahman Green on the injury report, so I'll take the Texans moving to 3-2. 24-16 Texans

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis: I think Tampa Bay can give them a good game. But's that's about it. 28-24 Colts

Baltimore @ San Francisco: Just what Alex Smith doesn't need; a very pissed off Ravens defense. 20-7 Ravens

San Diego @ Denver: If San Diego wants to get their season back together, a win @ Invesco Field is a must. I think they can rattle Cutler on defense. 17-10 Chargers

Chicago @ Green Bay: Please for the love of Brian Griese prove me wrong. Please. 27-17 Packers

Dallas @ Buffalo: I'm going to throughly enjoy watching my fantasy quarterback tear the Bills a new one. 42-20 Cowboys

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