Monday, October 29, 2007

R.I.P. 2007 Chicago Bears Season

That was it. A chance to move ahead, to salvage the season. Forget it. Forget this season. It's all gone. Whether it was complacency with their season last year, the injuries on defense, the Grossman/Griese debacle, and no running game to speak of; it doesn't matter. They are not a good team, and not one that deserves to even be mentioned when it comes to the playoffs. The question is, where can you place the blame on one more then the other? I don't think you can. Every facet outside of the special teams has been bad. Ron Turner's play calling: Bad. Lovie's team heading into games ready to play: bad. Benson running the ball: Bad. Defense allowing teams to grind them down: bad.

I don't even want to break down this team position-wise becauase they've already brokedown. To be quite honest, I fell asleep around 1 during the middle of the game. There's nothing that interests me about this team. They don't seem to care what their record is, don't seem to really be hungry. I heard several people this morning start asking about Orton. What do you think is going to change with him in there? Is he going to throw 5 touchdowns a game? Hell no. He's not going to be any different, people. The kool-aid for the backup quarterback in Chicago is one passed around every Monday morning the bears lose. Forget it, people.

I will post this positive this morning, however. Terrible blogger but great Tight End Greg Olsen is finally being utilized in the offense, and for the most part he looks good. He's had some key drops, but is showing that he will be a good weapon for several years to come. Lance Briggs has been awesome this year, and show be a Pro Bowler. Urlacher, not so much. I wonder if he's finally hit his plateau and is on the downside. The guy's 30, has been playing in the league for 8 years, and has carried the defense on his back for a long time. The back's apparently going on him whether he'll admit or not, and I don't think he intimidates anyone. The guy has never shed blocks well in his career, and now it's even worse.

Bears, you have disappointed plenty of your loyal fans this year. Everyone was excited for the thought of going to the Super Bowl again, the playoff run, etc. Now, it's back to the usual. Taking a quarterback mid round, everyone gets excited that he'll do something. He ends up sucking, repeat.

With that said, selecting 12th in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select Andre' Woodsen from the University of Kentucky.

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