Friday, October 5, 2007

Even Skinning the Goat Isn't Working...

The picture you see here was taken last night, courtesy of Drex in the Morning @ 103.5 KISS FM. Apparently, two Cubs fans skinned a goat, hung it from Harry Caray's statue outside of Wrigley, and best of all, ate the goat's liver and heart in hopes that it would help the Cubs win game two last night, with some of the contents going to their dog as well. Wow. Those two signs around Harry's neck were also put there, and while it's hard to read, you can make out 'Go Cubs Go'. Too bad that did nothing for Ted Lilly's control or Aramis Ramirez's propensity to hit a baseball. I bet those guys were spewing chunks all night.

You wanna talk about partying? Jagermeister and goat's heart. My only question is who found out about Jake Peavy's secret pre-game ritual?

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